Curious Cases of ENDURO

Previously, we did see about the Enduro Printers, which are marked to be New Generation of ID CARD Printers series for Magicard which later followed with Rio Pro series and then Now with NEO series.

For today’s discussion, I would like to take you all on the curious case of an Enduro Printer.

Enduro Printers are generally designed for Small Scale Industry where you have less number card printing per month usually less than a few hundred.

Enduro ID card printers are Direct Card printers where the print head and card surface are in contact while printing the card. The Printing area is covered from one edge to another edge of the card. And this limits the ID card printer to Print HD-quality images or over-the-edge designs.

Well, you might be thinking when this ID card printer has so many flaws how this becomes a great printer to be discussed with. Let’s dig into the cases.


An Insurance company based in UAE procured a set of Enduro Printers for the purpose of issuing the Insurance Cards to its customer. And the project was successfully initiated and over the span of a month, a record-breaking, 10000 Cards prints were recorded on these printers and the Printers were still running fluently. NOT to be missed proper attention was given to printer maintenance during the same.


One of the biggest known groups of UAE opted for the Enduro Printers for the new Business Opportunity at their Exchange, a Loyalty program. A loyalty card, which gives the customer advantage of better rates and discounts, while the company adds Loyal Customer to its portfolio.

Similar case with multiple Groups of companies where they incorporated the Enduro Printers at their outlets to issue Loyalty cards or membership cards to its customer.


Classic Case of Enduro used for ID card printing is at one of the biggest retail chains of Hypermarkets in UAE. The Enduro Printers are used in each of its branches to Issue the ID cards to its employees, merchandiser, temporary staff as well as visitors.

The list goes on where the Enduro Printers are playing pivotal roles, Schools, Hospitals, Building management, and Various Government Offices use Enduro Printers to issue Secure Identity cards to Access or Day Day uses.

These are some of the notable larger cases where the Enduro Printers stood out and made difference. However, the market has consumed more Enduro Printers in smaller projects all around the globe.

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