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Automatic turnstile for outdoor or indoor applications.
Movement control barriers with encoder and security guaranteed passage from 7 optical sensors inside the structure.
Excellent design, attention paid to the construction, quality and durability
Model single or double door (15 mm thick). Up to 8000 and more users / day

Ideal for:

  • exhibitions
  • convention centers
  • industrial areas
  • supermarkets
  • sports centers
  • metro and public
  • transports
  • airport terminals

The turnstile can be combined with:

  • transmitters
  • keyboards codes
  • magnetic cards and transponders
  • access control program

Key features


TURNY 5000
Material - Main Body 1,5 mm 304 grade stainless steel, satin finishing
Material - Top Cover 12 mm black fiber (standard). Different granite patters and colors are available (optional). Stainless Steel - Wooden (optional)
Material - Inner Case Reinforced with 5 mm galvanized metal bars to increase strength
Material - Obstacle 15 mm thick transparent Plexiglas with laser engraved custom company logo (optional) and LED illumination
Side Covers Removable to provide easy access for servicing and maintenance. Optical sensors are covered with 3mm thick Plexiglas
Treatment - Other Parts All other parts are coated against corrosion
Dimensions (mm) 300 x 1450 x 1000
Obstacle Length (mm) 255 (for single wing)
Passage Width (mm) 550, (900 mm available for disabled passage)
Operating Voltage 115-240 V AC / 24V DC - 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption 150 W (max)
Operating Temperature -20 C / + 70 C
Access Control Highest end Omron PLC control for granting access Easy integration with all kind of access control equipment
Position Detection Position detection with inductive switches
Warning Indicators Two separate warning indicators at front and rear sides of the gate. Green arrow indicates "Passage Open?, Red cross indicates "Passage Closed?
Obstacle Movement 24 V DC motorized movement. Speed control with encoder.
Sensor Control Suitable for Normally Closed (N/C) and Normally Open (N/O) operation. 7 point IR sensor control for N/O mode, sequential (switching) passage feature for N/C mode, anti-tail-gating and anti-pass-back features.
Safety Sensor Middle safety IR sensor for preventing obstacle - user interference
Directional Mode Unidirectional and Bidirectional operation features as "Only Entrance?, "Only Exit?, "Entrance and Exit?
Capacity Handling more than 30 passengers per minute
Operation Safety Electrical and mechanical safety for all component. To avoid injuries, all corners and sides are rounded
Electrical Failures Wings automatically hide to ensure safe evacuation during emergency
Installation Ease of installation with mounting plate
Certification ISO 9001:2008
Warranty 2 Years



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