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Bollard totally retractable. Two locking positions.

Diameter: 200 mm
Thickness: 4 mm
Stroke: 500 mm

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The bollard, has the function to limit the access to pedestrian zones or to small perimeters. It has the same resistance as the one developed from the impact with a vehicle and it is easily and quickly extractable from the foundation plinth.

The bollard?s sizes are 200 mm of diameter, a thickness of 4 mm and a height of 500 mm. Is composed of a cylindric mechanical pipe in Fe360 (of the diameter of 200 mm) treated in two ways that protect it from the atmospherical agents:

  • Electrogalvanizing
  • Antiscratch painting in silicone base colour Anthracite
A locking device and gas spring to open the bollard. A system quarterdeck in hot galvanized coating.
The standard installation foresees a dig, proportional to the force that the bollard has to stand, in which drowning the system quarterdeck in a concrete plinth. The dimension of the concrete plinth must be studied to let the bollard resist to the required impact force. A retro reflective stickers with high bright response, that allows the visibility of the dissuader in the night hours.
Impact resistance 111.000 J ? impact and shock resistance without deforming 5.000 J


Key features


Pressione esercizio
Pressione max.
Grado protezione
Operating temperature
Olio tipo
Alimentazione / Condensatore
Potenza / Corrente assorbita
Ciclo servizio salita-pausa-discesa
Cicli completi salita-pausa-discesa/ora
Cicli anno max. (12 ore/giorno)
Discesa in mancanza corrente / 18? C
Tempo salita
Peso dissuasore + cassaforma
Tipo materiale / spessore
* resistenza urto (veicolo 2.000 Kg.)
Resistenza sfondamento (veicolo 2.000 Kg)
Carico max. statico abbassato



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