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When creating an ID card, aspects such as colour, design and layout can sometimes take precedence over the most important element, the security. Without a card security feature, anyone with access to any ID card printer could make a convincing copy of your card.

All Magicard ID card printers have a built-in card security feature ? HoloKote, which prints a secure watermark on the card?s surface.

Both the Magicard Rio Pro and Helix offer the option of customising this watermark to your organisation?s unique logo or security design, tiled or stretched across the card.

Key features

Helix, the World?s first retransfer printer with built-in visual security.

The new Helix retransfer printer introduces Magicards latest visual security breakthrough. An evolution of the famous HoloKote® watermark, HoloKote for the Helix adds a security feature or logo to the card at the point of printing (Patent Pending). Specifically designed to work with the retransfer process, HoloKote for the Helix exploits the wavelengths and lens effect of the retransfer film to fluoresce under UV lighting conditions.


A low cost alternative to expensive custom overlaminates.

HoloKote for the Helix is enabled by using a special YMCKS ribbon in combination with the retransfer film. These ribbons are a fraction of the cost of expensive customised overlaminates, do not require a secondary lamination process and are not subject to the long lead-times and high MOQs of custom overlays.

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Up to 10 designs selectable from the driver

There are 10 standard designs included with every Helix printer, these are selectable from the printer driver. Any of these 10 designs can be replaced with your own personalised design.




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