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How to Order Custom Holograms for Enhanced ID Card Security

Using patch laminates or overlay laminates films, several ID card printers are capable of producing holograms to enhance your ID card program security. However, if you need a hologram solution that is unique to your organization and guaranteed not to be replicated, you can order a custom hologram film. Your custom hologram film will be based on your chosen design and security requirements and features. 

Custom Hologram Ordering Process

Given the many options, it's best to place your custom order by email. Contact us at  and we'll walk you through the different choices and answer any questions you have. The basic steps for ordering your custom designed hologram film are: 

1.Choose the type of image that you want to use as your custom hologram.

2.Select the type of ribbon material :-         

  • Overlay laminates film (continuous)        
  • Patch laminates film (patches)

3.Choose the security level that you want to apply.

4.Determine the types of security features needed.

5.Design your artwork and submit it along with your custom hologram order.Set-up fees can vary depending upon your design requirements.

Key features

Artwork Specifications

  • Clear black and white or color-separated artwork is necessary to achieve quality images for your order.
  • Half-tone, grey scale, and full color images are not readily acceptable.
  • Required file types include:
  • AI
  • EPS
  • PDF (editable)
  • CDR


The ordering  process of  custom hologram  can take about 9-12 weeks, assuming that approvals occur according to schedule.




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